Booking Policy

  1. The price of the travel product will have some amount as service fee, our objective is to keep the costs lower than the online prices even after including the service fee.
  2. The consolidators/3rd party suppliers often have discounted deals which are not available online, therefore it is recommended to call and check for deals.
  3. Please go through the terms and conditions to view the general conditions of booking travel with us, However you receive a confirmation email at the time of booking , that would have specific terms and conditions pertaining to your selected product.
  4. It is our aim to recommend or suggest alternate travel options that might be suitable to you. These recommendations are helpful as it gives you options.
  5. You could use our services and our travel consultant's expertise to find discounts on a particular travel options such as a set of flights, or a particular type of car, or a room in a hotel.
  6. All information given at the time of booking can be verified with the airlines, hotels or car hire companies. So you can book with confidence.

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